Stressed Waiters

  • Autor/a: Sergi Peris Piquer
  • Categoría: Familiar / Mass Market Buyer, Jugador ocasional / Casual
  • Mecánica: Colección de sets, Push your Luck, Selección de cartas (Drafting)
  • Temática: Restaurante.
  • Nº jugadores: De 2 a 5
  • Duración: De 15 a 30 minutos
  • Edad mínima: 8 años
  • Video: Ver
  • Hoja de ventas: Descargar


You are a waiter in a restaurant with a limited number of tables. Combine customers, dinners and coffees to get maximum points.

-Get and combine diners and coffees from the kitchen

-Bring the customers to the table to serve them what they ask for. ·

-Serve the coffees taking care not to leave dirty dishes visible.

But be careful with the banana peels that your colleagues can throw to you!. They can make you lose your turn!.

The game finishes when the dinner and coffees have been served to all tables. The player that  gets the maximum points wins.

Stressed waiters is a game that will challenge your visual-spatial skills.


  • 7 restaurant tables 
  • 58 cards (doble side printed with transparencies)
  • 64 customer tokens 
  • 8 banana peel tokens
  • 1 counter
  • 5 meeples 
  • 5 token supports