• Autor/a: Andrei Petrov
  • Categoría: Jugador experto, Adultos
  • Mecánica: Cartas, Control de áreas, Movimiento por áreas
  • Temática: Fantasy, Desert
  • Nº jugadores: De 2 a 5
  • Duración: De 120 a 180 minutos
  • Edad mínima: 10 años


A magical meteor crashed in the Tassacra desert, sparking a fierce competition among fantasy creatures. They're all after the magical shards the meteor left behind to become the top faction in Zephyrund. Possessing these shards increases your faction's influence, or they can be used to craft powerful artifacts, boosting your strength on the battlefields.

In Tassacra, you play four rounds called Days, and the winner of the game is the player with the most victory points at the very end. During the course of the play, you can earn victory points in many different ways, such as defeating foes, winning battles, scoring end-day objectives, stealing from your opponents, selling resources, and more.

In this strategic race, players select asymmetric factions of magical beings, each equipped with distinctive abilities and strengths. Factions also have different activity peaks during specific times of the day (dusk, day, and night), but all players will take eight main actions by the end of the day. To win, you will invade the desert, move units, engage in combats, scavenge magical shards, and resupply. Additionally, you can craft items to upgrade combat abilities, sell shards to the market, and complete quests.

You will attack and get attacked. In combat, active players roll combat dice, which can be modified by upgrades and combat cards.

There are just four days before rivals and the desert sands claim the shards. Get your warriors ready – the battle in Tassacra begins!


  • map
  • miniatures
  • cards
  • dice