Democracy: The Cards Game

  • Autor/a: Alfonso Del Pozo Ruiz
  • Categoría: Fiesta / Party
  • Mecánica: Cartas, Votación
  • Temática: Caribeña
  • Nº jugadores: De 2 a 10
  • Duración: De 30 a 120 minutos
  • Edad mínima: 8 años


In Democracy: The Cards Game, become the president of the Banana Island Republic, the country where defending the indefensible will lead you to be the president of a nation.

What does washing dishes with a loaf of bread have to do with promoting the country's industry? Get your rhetoric and creativity to make your speech the most voted to achieve your goal, become a president.

How to play:

In Democracy: The Cards Game the players have to argue in a 60 second speech using the cards they have chosen, 2 cards from the matter deck and 1 card from the industry sector deck. After the argument, the players vote for the best speech. The speech of the player with the most votes wins the round. At the end of 5 rounds the player with the most votes wins.

2 Players:

The player who draws the victory symbol (^) when rolling the Supreme Court die begins.

Two subject cards and one sector card are handed out to be able to elaborate your speech. You have one minute to present your speech.

The first player makes his speech and both vote for the best, in case of a draw, the dice is rolled to decide who wins the round.

In case of a tie with the dice, the round ends and 2 cards per player are drawn again to start a new round.

If there is a winner, the winning player scores a point for each round won. At the end of 5 rounds the player with the most points wins

—description from the designer


64 cards

1 dice

timer app