Zodiac Duel

  • Autor/a: David Heras Pino
  • Categoría: Jugador ocasional / Casual, Parejas
  • Mecánica: Bazas, Cartas, Construcción de mazos, Gestión de mano, Selección de cartas (Drafting)
  • Temáticas: Astral, Signos del zodiaco
  • Nº jugadores: De 2 a 2
  • Duración: De 5 a 15 minutos
  • Edad mínima: 8 años
  • Editorial: Zombi Paella


Cassandra and Sibyl are the most popular fortune tellers in the city. To resolve their eternal rivalry they decide to fight in an ultimate duel using the 12 zodiac signs and the power of the stars.

Zodiac Duel is a frenetic card game for two players divided in two phases.

  • Firstly, during the draft phase, you will have to form a team of 5 fighters and 3 stars. Each card represents both a fighter and a star, but you can only keep one of the two parts, so… choose wisely!
  • In the second phase, you will face your opponent with your chosen cards during 5 duels or less. Decide strategically how to use your fighters -each sign has a different power- and place your stars to modify each duel. First player who wins 3 duels will win the game!


  • 53 tarot sized cards
  • Rulebook